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Hijuka Limited Liability Company (Hijuka) is a small sized company registered in the State of Texas. It is currently managed by the owner and principal consultant with support from a team of experienced technical, technology, and project management professionals, finance and accounting specialists, economists, and organizational leadership experts.

The core team of eight members have over 250 man-years combined experience from the Oil and Gas and other industries where we have delivered solutions individually for many top leading organizations world-wide in diverse industries (including Shell, Chevron, Texaco, the World Bank, etc.) and in different regions and countries of the world (including USA, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.) We are suitable to work as a prime, sub to a prime, or as owner’s representative.

Experienced, Well Rounded Professionals With Balanced World Views.

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About Us

Unique Attributes

  • Experienced, well rounded professionals with balanced world views
  • Hands on approach to problem solving.
  • Multi-skilled team members that can deliver value efficiently, safely, and cost effectively
  • Flexibility to function as prime, sub-contractor, or owner’s representative.

Our Core Values

At Hijuka, we stand for Honesty, Integrity, Justice, Uniqueness, Knowledge, and Authenticity.

These principals guide our decisions, actions, and relationships in day-to-day business activities and will define the boundary conditions in our business relationships.

The Hijuka LLC core values will remain unchangeable and help provide clarity, guidance, and answers to difficult but fundamental questions to be encountered in day to day business decisions and actions.

Experienced Professionals

Our Core Team

Our Reference List

Over the years Hijuka LLC, based on experience of core members has provided exclusive services to various organizations including:

African Capital Alliance
Agip Oil
Saudi Aramco
The World Bank
Midwestern Oil and Gas